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What Our Customers Have to Say About LifePerks for Health?


See Why Customers and Independent Insurance Agents Choose LifePerks for Health



“LifePerks saved me $600 on my son’s teeth.  I was quoted $1,200 to have his teeth repaired and with LifePerks I paid just $599 – big difference!  I am very glad I invested in the LifePerks Dental Vision Plus plan.”


R.V. Retired



“I am very pleased with LifePerks.  I saved $250 the first time I used my dental benefit.  I used my dental only a week after my plan went into effect.  The LifePerks dentist explained my options in detail, helping me to make the best decision on the work I needed done.”


M.A. Retired



“LifePerks has saved my daughter, myself and my mother thousands of dollars.The doctors we have met have been excellent.  This year alone I saved $3,500 on dental.  My mother’s glasses cost her half as much as she usually pays.  I also saved on my daughter’s visits to the chiropractor.” 


D.F. Insurance Agent



“I am very pleased with LifePerks.  I have saved well over $3,000 using the Dental plan just for myself alone.  My family has also benefited from the Vision plan.  I would highly recommend this plan for anyone interested in quality dental and vision care who wants to save $.  LifePerks, Thanks for being there!” 


K.H.  Independent Business Owner



“I switched from my previous dentist and saved over $3400.  My LifePerks dentist was terrific.  I recommend LifePerks to anyone.  I saved $270 on each root canal and $185 on each crown.”


RH, Independent business owner



“My wife and I are highly pleased with our LifePerks for Health program, both for dental and prescription drugs.  Our dentist is excellent.  We highly recommend LifePerks – it really works.”


C.D. Independent Business Owner