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Medical Negotiation

Concerned about rising healthcare costs?


Our network provider will negotiate a lower price on your bill or you pay nothing! Any bill over $200 is eligible, whether you have health insurance or not.


How it Works

My Medical Negotiator in Action

You or someone in your family has a surgical procedure. The procedure costs $4,900.00. The surgery center submits the bill to your health insurance company. You have a $1,000.00 deductible and this is your first bill of the year. After your deductible is paid and your health insurance pays its portion of the covered charges, you owe the remaining $1,630.30 on this bill. My Medical Negotiator is able to secure a discount of 25% off the amount owed. The provider will accept $1,222.73 as payment in full. You will receive a Transaction Summary showing the settlement details. You will need to provide the medical provider with your credit/debit card information. My Medical Negotiator will charge a service fee of $142.65, which is 35% of the amount saved; you save $264.92.


How to Get Started

Grab Your Bills

Hospital bills, doctor bills, dental bills and surgery bills are all eligible. The bill can be from an in network provider or out of network provider. My Medical Negotiator works whether you are insured, uninsured or under insured.