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The LifePerks Opportunity

“You get where you want to go by helping others get where they want to go.”


This basic tenant of our business model, “You Get Where You Want to Go by Helping Others Get Where They Want to Go”, has served us, our Sales Representatives, Managers and Customers well.  Our goal is to make sure that every customer enjoys excellent customer care and our sales force has the opportunity to grow both financially and professionally.  LifePerks for Health gives you a track to run on and proven system for your success.


LifePerks offers excellent compensation, excellent training, ongoing manage support, rapid advancement, incentives, retirement plan and more for our representatives.


The ongoing increases in medical expenses for patients is becoming a more serious problem to being able to afford to maintain good health for themselves and their families.  Our products help to solve those problems with a proven product that is totally unique to the industry. Our providers deliver on their promise.


As a LifePerks for Health Representative you can bring effective and quality solutions to enhance your customers healthcare needs.  When building LifePerks for Health we hired some of the most experienced consultants in the industry to select the absolute finest provider networks in the business.  We sat down face to face with the Senior Management of several network providers in each specialty.  After in depth comparisons and evaluations of each network provider we selected the very best in the business.


As a result we know that LifePerks for Health customers have access to quality care that other programs simply do not have.  Our Providers are the only networks in the country that have direct access to Pearle Vision for vision needs and custom designed products with companies such as MHNet for our psychological and legal counseling benefit. All of our providers have absolute proven service with the very best of professionals.


Our prescription drug program is a cost plus plan, rather than just a discount plan.  This is no small feat and alone is a huge difference in the savings for our customers.


OurAlternative Healthcare program is in great demand for members of any age.  We provide savings of up to 40% on over 40,000 fitness facilities and alternative healthcare providers. fitness instructors, consultants and alternative health care specialists.  This plan includes deeply discounted healthcare and wellness products and provides website access to our high quality healthcare information source.


Our Partners are paid well on a vested basis for simply helping their clients have an efficient, effective solution to their out of pocket expenses.  Let’s discuss the opportunity you have to build your business and help customers access the best of health and wellness services available.


We can easily provide you with the additional detailed information you will want to know and the financial opportunities to grow your business. Give us a call or send an email to Bruce Lowder and let’s discuss what LifePerks for Health can mean to you.


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