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Save Up to 80% on Lab Work and Imaging

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63% of all Medical Costs are LabWork and Diagnostics


LifePerks for Health has the Solution.


Reduce your costs up to 80% on Lab Work, MRI’s, CT Scans and more.


We provide you with the Largest Most Reputable National Networks


You are covered on all Pre-existing Conditions immediately


You Will Enjoy Unlimited benefits and Unlimited Savings


No Age Limit


Children covered up to age 27 while living at home or in accredited college or university



Why LifePerks for Health?


Most health insurance plans only cover lab work and Imaging after you have met your deductible, which means you would pay for these services.  Because of this preventative health care is unaffordable to many Americans.


Diagnostic procedures and blood work alone make up over 63% of all medical bills.


These out of pocket medical costs often prohibits the average American from getting the treatment they need.


Our health insurance deductibles are an increasing problem reaching an all time high averaging over $2,000 in 2010 and continue to grow every year.


How will you pay for needed diagnostic testing prior to your deductible being met?



Will Obamacare actually benefit you before you reach your deductible?

Healthcare Reform

Not according to Ron Pollack, the executive director of Families USA, a healthcare advocacy group.  “They have huge out-of-pocket costs before they get any insurance coverage says Mr. Pollack.


“Deductibles have never been higher and continue to grow every year.  Many patients who believed Obamacare would somehow benefit them through lower costs will experience “sticker shock” as high deductibles leave them financially exposed.”  USA Today Report October 28, 2012


“We see that patients will reduce preventive care, and if this persists, it is likely to have health consequences in the future,” Haviland said in a news release. “These cutbacks could cause a spike in health care costs down the road if people end up sicker and need more-intensive treatment.” Study released by RAND Corporation


LifePerks Benefits Network is the leader in providing Reduced Fee for Service plans both for individual and group coverage.  With the combined buying power of over 90 million members we bring savings that previously were unavailable.  We have selected only the highest ranked and very best of network providers in the country giving our customers peace of mind knowing that they can expect quality health and wellness services.



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