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For over 15 years LifePerks for Health and it’s affiliates have been providing millions of customers with benefits that previously were only available to large corporations such as General Motors and IBM.


Choose LifePerks for Health?


  • The average American’s out of pocket medical costs often prohibits them from getting the treatment they need.


  • With every passing year you pay more and more out of our own pocket for heath care treatment.


  • Prescription Drugs costs are increasing by over 20% each year.


  • Lab Work, Diagnostics, Dental, Vision and Prescription Medications are becoming unaffordable.


  • Dental Costs alone have increased an average of 14% over the last five years.


We have the solution.


  • Our programs provide important health savings benefits that can help you afford the treatment and procedures you and your family need to stay healthy.


  • Our TeleMedicine, Dental, Vision, Prescription Drugs and Alternative Healthcare programs provide access to quality providers at prices you can afford.


  • With a comprehensive range of plan options, we offer a plan and a low monthly cost to fit into every budget.